DIVINE Staking
DIVINE Staking Program
An Exclusive DOGMA Reward Supply Program

Join the staking pool to receive DOGMA as rewards.


The DIVINE Staking program consists of HYDRA Staking and DRONE Staking. DOGMA is supplied to the community as block rewards from the DIVINE Staking Program, with 75% allocated to DRONE Staking and 25% allocated to HYDRA Staking.
DRONE Staking
HYDRA Staking
DIVINE Staking
At the beginning, block rewards in the DIVINE Staking Program will be 1 DOGMA per block. It will then undergo 1 halving every 60 days with a total of 3 halvings, and afterwards the amount of block rewards will stay the same. Reward allocation will end approximately 21 years after the DIVINE Staking Program begins.
Category Q1 (60 days) Q2 (60 days) Q3 (60 days) Q4 (60 days) Thereafter
Supply per Block 1 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.125
Supply per Day 86,400 43,200 21,600 10,800 10,800
Accumulated Rewards 5,184,000 7,776,000 9,072,000 9,720,000 90,000,000
The DIVINE Staking Program additionally rewards MP (Multiple Points) according to duration staked, and MP is calculated as follows.
MP per block = Staked HYDRA or DRONE *(1/31,536,000)
It is not possible to unstake staked DRONE or HYDRA from the DIVINE Staking Program.