Use MIR M's DOGMA to Prove Your Worthiness

DOGMA of MIR M is a governance token. DOGMA is a resource that you can stake to prove your worthiness to participate in major in-game contents. To hold political power on the Mir continent, you must own this token.

And with this token, you can vote on the Governance Program to make contents such as Field Bosses and World Bosses, Hidden Valley Capture, and Sabuk Castle Siege available on your server. The list of contents available through the Governance Program will be expanded.

Governance Agenda

In MIR M, there are a total of 3 servers in each world. Depending on the results of each Governance vote, the server that can use a specific type of content will be decided. Depending on the results of each Governance vote, the server that can use a specific type of content among each world's 3 servers will be decided.

Obtaining Governance

When a Governance Program in a server is ongoing, all members of that server can stake DOGMA to vote on that Governance Program. At times, all members of one server may need to join forces, and at other times, they could also oppose the Governing Players of their server by not staking.

As Governance is used to practically exercise one's influence, the impact it has on normal players is limited.

Whether the Governing Players of each server strive for unity within players in their server to work towards making a powerful server, or aim to create a dictatorship in their server to realize only what they want, is all up to the results of Governance.

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Governance Benefits

Each Governance operates separately, and each DOGMA can only be staked in one Governance Program in the single voting method. Obtain Governance to enjoy the following benefits.

Field Boss and World Boss Governance

Field Bosses and World Bosses are only summoned in servers that have exceeded the minimum staking out of the 3 servers in 1 world. The higher the rank of a DOGMA staked server, the better the rewards will be.

Valley Capture Governance

Hidden Valley Capture is only available in the top 2 DOGMA staked servers among the 3 servers in each world. Additionally, the Darksteel tax of the server that cannot host the Hidden Valley Capture is allocated to the 2 top servers. The allocation ratio of the Darksteel tax is 40%/30% according to the DOGMA staking ranking of each server. Each Hidden Valley Storage of the server hosting the Hidden Valley Capture stores Darksteel taxes of the home server and of the other servers not hosting the Hidden Valley Capture. The clan that wins the Hidden Valley Capture can distribute the stored Darksteel in the storage to the clans and individuals. If the amount of DOGMA staked is the same for multiple servers when it is counted, the server with the faster instance of the last DOGMA staked receives a higher rank. Even if it is one of the top 2 servers, a server with DOGMA votes below the minimum vote amount cannot host Hidden Valley Capture, and all Darksteel taxes that should have been distributed during that period will be lost. For example, if 3 servers meet the requirements, the top 2 servers will receive Darksteel taxes according to the 40%/30% ratio, and the remaining 30% will disappear.

Sabuk Castle Siege Governance

Sabuk Castle Siege is only available in the top 2 DOGMA staked servers in each world. Also, these top 2 servers are allocated the Item Exchange taxes (Gold) of servers in which Sabuk Castle Siege is unavailable, and the allocation ratio of Item Exchange taxes is 60%/40% according to the DOGMA staked rank of each server. If there is only one server that has satisfied the minimum staking requirements and where Sabuk Castle Siege is available, this server is allocated the Item Exchange taxes of all other servers. If there are no servers that have met the requirements, the Item Exchange taxes for that period are burned.

Minimum Staking

Governing Players can contribute to the ecosystem by staking DOGMA in the Governance Program to reduce the amount of DOGMA in circulation.

To do this, all aspiring Governing Players much satisfy the minimum staking requirement. This requirement as shown below must also be satisfied for the voting results for each Governance Program to be valid.

minimum voting = min(rounddown{(circulating DOGMAs*X 25%)/total numbers of servers*5, -3}, 10000)

* Circulating DOGMAS: The amount currently in circulation, with the amount of accumulated burned DOGMA deducted from the amount of the accumulated DOGMA supplied to the community. The concept of the supplying of tokens to the community is distinct from that of minting. The first refers to the allocation of rewards from the DIVINE Staking Program and the provision of resources to the community to supply liquidity for DEX.


Governing Players can unstake their staked DOGMA when they need to. Unstaking is unavailable 5 days after the last staked date. And if an additional amount has been staked before the 5 days have passed, unstaking is limited for the amount previously staked, as well as the amount most recently staked, for 5 days after the most recently staked date. There is also a 60-minute cooldown after each unstaking to prevent the creation of excess Tx due to frequent unstaking.

Other than the time limit for unstaking described above, there is no limit to the amount or number of times for unstaking, and there are also no additional fees.