DRAIN: DOGMA Burning Program

Simultaneously a complete game and a project that operates as a DAO, MIR M maximizes the value of assets held by the community through the constant burning of DOGMA, which is the Governance token of MIR M.
The DOGMA Burning Program (DRAIN) runs in the DOGMA/WEMIX$ Swap Pool.
Please refer to the information below for the source of funds used in DRAIN.
  • Wayfarer's Item Exchange Fee
    Half of Wayfarer's Item Exchange transaction fees of 10%, which is 5% (50% of transaction fees)
  • Wayfarer's Gold Market Fee
    Half of Wayfarer's Gold Market transaction fees of 20%, which is 10% (50% of transaction fees)
  • MIR M NFT Transaction Fee
    Half of MIR M NFT transaction fees of 5%, which is 2.5% (50% of NFT transaction fees)
  • DOGMA Shop
    All DOGMA spent in the DOGMA Shop will be burned.
All DOGMA bought through DRAIN are burned to decrease the total amount of DOGMA supplied to the community.